Rebekah Byrom Album

When it comes to selling yourself, it's not always easy. Check out how I worked with Becky to produce her debut album cover.

Getting it right

Becky was releasing her debut album, and wanted a simple and elegant design. To achieve the classic design Becky was after, I kept to a greyscale - using charcoal grey to emphasis the black-and-white features of the photography.

I also focused on adding a personal touch to the look, but using a digitised hand-written signature to give the album a unique feel.

He did all the design work really promptly and was keen to get it exactly as I wanted

- Becky

All of Becky's proceeds from the album are going to the Moorlands Church Building fund.

Read what else Becky had to say about her experience with me, or get in touch to see how I can develop your personal brand.

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