Stir Up Event

Often your events include lots of print design - but how do you take the same design idea and keep it consistent throughout everything you do? Here's what I did with Moorlands Church on their Christmas 'Stir Up' events.

First I pinned down the key design elements to make sure it included Christmas, baking and crafts. Using one strong colour, the bold but deep red, and complimentary fonts - a simple cursive and a nicely spaced sans-serif font gave this design a modern and clean look to the prints. I also integrated the dotted line throughout the designs which signified a similar design that you might see on craft 'cut here' instructions. Overall I was able to produce:

  • Gift Tags

  • Recipes

  • A5 Flyer invites

  • Pudding Tags

Get in touch if I can do a similar thing for your next event.

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