Forrest Hills Branding

Sometimes it's useful to take a step back and review your situation. I worked with Ken to re-establish his marketing strategy and plan for the future growth of his business.

My work with Ken began with marketing consultancy. He saw gaps in his business for growth, but wasn't sure how to reach the correct people with his services. We worked together to establish his core offering - separating up his portfolio into 4 distinct provisions.

From these discussions we decided on a re-brand and social media re-vamp to reach the new target market. We spent time developing a detailed business plan to support Ken as they continued to grow over a number of years. This included training and guidance on how to use social media effectively, contingency plans and growth guidelines, and also included other branded material such as business cards, website mock-ups and a plan for an event launch.

Very impressed with the Facebook pages - it's obvious Paul has a good grasp and understanding and a flair for social media

- Ken

Check out what else Ken has to share about his experience with me, and get in contact with to see how I can help you refresh your marketing strategy.

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